Want to learn some cart lingo?

Like many businesses have in their kitchens, Smiles has an extensive set of lingo that we use behind our carts. Some of these things can be ordered as "no," "light," or "extra," others are full orders unto themselves, some places call these "secret menu items" we just call them awesome.

Gyrostand Lingo
  • "Lactose" - Tzatziki Sauce & Feta Cheese
  • "Crumbly Whites" - Feta Cheese & Onions
  • "Raggedy Anne" - Tomatoes & Feta Cheese
  • "XL" - Double Everything but Protein
  • "Fun" - Onions and Tabasco
  • "Spicy" - Tabasco
  • "Double Hot" - Tabasco and Habanero
  • "Are You Serious" - Overcooked Gyro Ingredients. From the Trough. Yes, you better be serious.
  • "Hum-Dinger" - Gyro with Gyro Meat and Hummus ($6)
  • "Cheeseburger" - Pita, Meat, Feta
  • "Combo" - Gyro with Gyro Meat + Chicken ($6.50)
Superdog Lingo
  • "Yellow" - Pineapple & Mustard
  • "Sweet" - Pineapple & Ketchup
  • "Micky" - Ketchup & Mustard
  • "JFK" - Just 'Effin Ketchup
  • "XL" - Double Everything but Dog, Bacon, & Cheese
Weather and
Cold Weather Policy

Sometimes here in Iowa it gets cold, sometimes that cold is just uncomfortable, sometimes that cold is very uncomfortable, and sometimes it's simply unsafe to be out in for extended periods. Because we want to be there to bust ass for you as often as possible but not be safe we deal with some discomfort and have pretty high standards for what is actually unsafe. If you're curious as to what our rules are, and they're complicated, they are as follows:

  • 20° or above at 8pm: We're open as scheduled, see you out there!
  • Monday/Tuesday 19° or below at 8pm: We're closed.
  • Wednesday-Saturday 19° or below at 8pm: We're open, but late, by Midnight, unless...
  • 5° or below at 11pm: We're closed, that's just too cold to be outside for hours on end. So if you don't see us, get inside and have some hot chocolate or something.

You'll note that we don't mention windchill, rain, snow, or blizzards. For the most part we take these things in stride, which makes for some very cold nights if the wind is up and the temps are low. On exceptionally rare occasions though we take extreme weather conditions under advisement and make a call on a night by night basis. We try very hard to keep people informed if we're closed so for up to the minute info you can Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.